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Student Learning

Student learning is measured through the evaluation of student learning outcomes. Student learning outcomes represent the culminating knowledge, behaviors, skills or abilities that students gain from an educational experience. At San Jose State University, student learning outcomes have been designed for

The learning outcomes in each of the listed areas have been designed to represent the skills or abilities specifically associated with a course, major or degree program, and they are tied to SJSU's mission, strategic plan, and core values to make the learning experience distinctly ours.

In the assessment process, SJSU measures student attainment of learning outcomes at regular cycles for each of the areas listed above and evaluates the results to inform actions and processes for continuous improvement.

The results of these assessments drive curricular reform, faculty hiring, and institutional planning, budgeting and decision making, representing SJSU's commitment excellence in curricular and co-curricular experiences.

Academic programs are reviewed on a regular basis (typically every seven years). The program review examines assessment data, analyses and improvement plans and creates an action plan for the department. Assessment data and program reviews are found on the Program Records website.

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